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The socalled "Easter Tapestry"
from Convent of L U E N E, in Germany

exhibited in the Museum of Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg

23 March 2005 until 29 May 2005

  From museum webpage:
The Easter Tapestry from the nunnery at Kloster Luene is 500 years old - ample reason to exhibit it in the Medieval Section of the Museum fuer Kunst und Gewerbe from 22nd March till 29th May 2005

In the nunnery of Kloster Luene there were ten tapestries woven between 1492 and 1505.
The Easter Tapestry, a many-coloured creation embroidered in woollen thread on linen is the largest and most famous of them. Its striking compositional scheme sets out the ordering of the year, celebrating the resurrection of Christ as the consummation of the redemption of Man.

Literature: Horst Appuhn, Bildstickereien des Mittelalters in Kloster Luene, p.96, Harenberg 1983, ISBN 3-8879-377-5


Embroidery in wool on linen,
predominantly in Bokhara couching (Klosterstich), contours in stemstitch, 475 x 420 cm, Inv.Nr. 1949,73




angel with coat of arms of Mechtild Wilde


detail with Christ and angels




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