ANNE WANNER'S Textiles in History / symposiums


Embroidery conference to be held at the Powerhouse Museum
(Sydney) in November 2007.
Details can be found at:

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  News by e-mail of 7 June 2007:
Embroiderers’ Guild Registration

due to an unexpectedly high level of interest and limited seating capacity, it has been decided to limit the Embroiderers’ Guild discount to the first 100 “Guild” registrations.

These tickets are to be issued on a first come first serve basis. As tickets are now in limited supply, with 5 months to go before the conference, we ask that you please inform your members about this latest development.

We thank you for supporting the Embroidering…the Future Conference
  Discounted registration price:
A discounted registration price was initially applicable to all NSW Guild members as they are one of our sponsors. However, it has been decided that all Guild members/associations should also have this discount.

That means that as long as they are a guild member (of any kind, any sort, anywhere), they are entitled to a discount. But must choose option 5 when registering.

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