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Costume Colloquium: A tribute to Janet Arnold
Florence, November 6-9, 2008

The Costume Colloquium Scientific Sessions will be held at:
Auditorium al Duomo, Via de'Cerretani, 54r - 50123 Florence --

Exhibition Area
The Auditorium al Duomo has an exhibition area where editorial, textile and fashion agencies can display (please contact the organizers if you are interested in having a stand).

Hotel Reservations: Deadline October 1st 2008

Costume Colloquium registration fees:

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Reduced fee until June 30, 2008  -  € 440 (VAT included)
Full fee from July 2008 - € 490 (VAT included)

Due to the capacity of the Costume Colloquium venues, we can accept up to 250 participantsRegistrations will be confirmed according to the date of arrival of the registration form and fee payment. An unpaid registration will be not considered as finalised.

Fees includes:

  • Participation in and simultaneous translation (Italian to English and English to Italian) of all the Scientific Sections held at the Auditorium al Duomo
  • Coffee breaks during sessions November 6th-9th
  • Snack/Aperitif at registration upon arrival November 5th.
  • Exclusive visits to Palazzo Vecchio, Medici Chapels, Stibbert Museum, Costume Gallery and the Apartments of Palazzo Pitti.
  • Free entrance pass for all the Florentine State Museums
  • Exclusive pass  for a selection of venues of interest such as the Salavatore Ferragamo Museum, Antico Setificio Fiorentino, Roberto Capucci Foundation, Lisio Foundation, Prato Textile Museum, Palazzo Strozzi Foundation exhibition(*details of entry conditions will be given at the time of registration)
  • Conference Kit: identification badge, folder, program, etc.

Optional post conference excursion to Pisa (Museum of the Royal Palace and the Cerratelli Foundation)
Participation fee - €92 (VAT included)  
  Costume Colloquium is an international interdisciplinary symposium on historical dress, costume for performance and contemporary fashion. All facets of dress and fashion history, design and interpretation will be explored, and the colloquium will provide a stimulating platform where participants can exchange ideas and information.  The range of perspectives include art history, social history and textile conservation; designing costume for the performing arts and living history; as well as the use of historical dress as inspiration for contemporary fashion.

The key figure in this interdisciplinary exploration is Janet Arnold – dress historian, artist, fashion designer and teacher - who pioneered research into the cut and construction of clothes from the 16th to the early 20th century.  Her studies revealed invaluable information on the clothing of the past, and her publications on the sartorial details and patterns of historical dress continue to have a profound impact on many disciplines and institutions, academic and creative.  Her patterns and drawings remain a primary source for designers of costume for the stage, film and television, and her research proves indispensable to art historians interpreting portraiture and genre painting, as well as to conservators for the physical analysis and identification of surviving dress.

For over a decade, Janet Arnold collaborated with the conservation department of Palazzo Pitti’s Galleria del Costume in Florence, contributing her expertise on historical dress. She actively participated in the lengthy and difficult process of documenting and conserving the 16th century burial clothes from the Medici tombs, writing several publications and giving many lectures about the project.  On the 10th anniversary of her untimely death, it is appropriate that Florence - city of art, fashion, theatre and so much more - will host this special symposium as a tribute to the high professional standard of Janet Arnold’s work. A number of prestigious international institutions are supporting this innovative project.

Costume Colloquium will include papers, demonstrations, tours and excursions, - both in and out of town – providing participants with unprecedented access to Italian venues crucial to the study of dress history.  The topics to be examined vary from the analysis of clothing in burial finds and the interpretation of dress in documents and visual images, to the re-creation of historical dress and contemporary fashion design, incorporating both theoretical and practical perspectives on these subjects.

Costume Colloquium will be of interest to dress and textile curators, conservators, art and dress historians, archaeologists, costume designers for stage, film and television as well as students in these disciplines. Costume Colloquium welcomes members of the public with an interest in fashion and historical dress and offers them an opportunity to learn from and meet experts in these subjects.


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