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For the purpose of celebrating the first ten years of the Award’s activity (1995-2005) and the first twenty years of Le Arti Tessili Association's activity, a special edition of the competition is called:

A meeting on fiber art policies, techniques, strategies, and the pertaining didactics in European universities/academies

will take place the day before the award inauguration and the prizing of the winners in order to focus on these problems which are often ignored by Italian art institutions.

The area where the award takes place along with the related exhibitions and meetings is the western part of Friuli, i.e., that land called Valcellina with its beautiful landscapes and historical spas, surrounded by peaceful quiet and able to make us reconcile with the rest of the world. Great writers have written on it like Claudio Magris and Mauro Corona (writer, climber, and sculptor, one of the top writers with Mondadori), and theatre artists like Marco Paolini have presented it on the stage. The Valcellina Award, supported by the Region, Province and Maniago and Montereale town administrations becomes a good medium to promote the territory and invite competitors, the public or visitors to come to Valcellina on the occasion of the award presentation.

The 30th November 2007 was the deadline for submission of applications to the International Valcellina Competition. On January 2008 the jury will meet to select the candidates for the prizing award.
Both selected and discarded candidates will be contacted via e-mail upon completion of the selection.

The Meeting:
On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Award,
an international meeting on "Creatività/y", innovative didactics, will be held on 18 April 2008.  This is the first  meeting in Italy devoted to didactics in textile/fiber art.
It is a rather interesting opportunity to get to know and confront with the different  methods used by the various teachers and lecturers who represent the prestigious schools and institutes invited.
As an enclosure, we are sending you the meeting program and entry form.  Please note that participation is free.


The Tour:
The International Meeting (Maniago, 18th April 2008), which will open the event dedicated to the “Valcellina Award”, will be followed by the Textile-Tour, a tourist and cultural itinerary planned ad hoc for people who are interested to know more about the historical textile collections, the traditions and the territory of the Friuli Region.
It is scheduled from 19 through 23 April 2008.
Tour Organizer - the cost is € 550,00 *


An ENTRY FORM for both events must be mailed to the following address:
fax +39.0427.72805 before 18/03/2008

for ENTRY FORM and further information, please contact:
Associazione Le Arti Tessili
Via M. Ciotti, 1
33086 Montereale Valcellina (PN) Italy




* Further informations concerning the tour:
Individual fee: € 550.00
The fee includes:
1. Five nights in a double room, breakfasts and dinners (except drinks).
The extra cost for a single room is € 20,00 (the single rooms are very few).
2. A place in the private bus used in all the planned trips within the Friuli Region.
3. Train ticket from Udine to Venice, A/R.
4. Entrance tickets to the museums in Venice
5. Associazione Le Arti Tessili membership fee 2008.

The number of participants is limited to 15

Please book by
18th March 2008 by filling the Entry Form
For any info:

Le Arti Tessili Association Via M. Ciotti n.1 I-33086 Montereale Valcellina (Pordenone)


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