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Seminar on ancient textiles:
Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milan

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  Segretaria organizzativa del Corso di Qualificazione sui Tessuti Antichi
Museo Poldi Pezzoli
Via Manzoni 12
I-20121 Milano

Fax: +39-02-8690788, email:

Lavinia Galli, curator of Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan announces:
Seminar on ancient textiles: Conservation and restoration:

the course is intended for conservators and restorers who are ore will be working with textiles in museums.
For more information about purpose, qualifications, program, language of courses ask the above adress.
Admission: the course is free of charge for a maximum of 25 persons. A selection will be done by means of a short curriculum vitae which has to be sent by interested people to Poldi Pezzoli Museum.
Please send your request and the curriculum until 10th of march 2001 to the above adress. The selected persons will be informed by telephone.
Duration and locality: 19-23 march and 2-6 april 2001, two full weeks with a total of 72 lessons
In Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan

The courses will be given by the following lecturers and specialists:
Textile historians
and professors of fashion: Roberta Orsi Landini, Maria Luisa Rizzini, Maria Teresa Binaghi
Restorers: Mary Westermann Bulgarella, Francesco Pertegato
Curators and directors of museums: Chiara Buss, Carla Paggi, Annalisa Zanni
Responsibles for multimedia projects: Anna Della Ventura, Isabella Gagliardi, Paola Carrara del C.N.R.I.T.I.M. di Milano

Didactic materials: all participants will receive a CD-Rom of the museum's collection of historic textiles,
and 2 numbers of "Notizie soffici" which is a textile magazine of Museo Poldi Pezzoli.

Short information about the program:
Part I - first week - is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of tapestries, embroideries, costumes and analysis of fabrics:
Lace and embroideries in paintings of Brera collection
Problems of conservation and restoration of tapestries
Visit of the collection of costume and textile in Castello Sforzesco
Materials, fibres, colours, iconografic language. Signs of history and usage.

Part II - second week: is dedicated to lace and to the catalogation, examination, valuation of historic textiles:
Visit of Ratti Collection in Como
Lace, technique and manufacture
Informatic program of C.N.R.I.T.I.M.
Lace of the collection of Museo Poldi Pezzoli


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