ANNE WANNER'S Textiles in History / symposiums

16th ETN Conference in KAUNAS, Lithuania
20 September to 27 September 2011

Rewind into the Future: Celebrating 20 years of ETN

and the
8th Kaunas Biennial
which will be ongoing in Kaunas through September 22nd to December 4th 2011

  Best Western Santakos Hotel,
J. Gruodzio g. 21, LT-44293 Kaunas
  Guided Tour to Kaunas City centre        

  Opening of Kaunas Biennial, official Introduction
at: M. Zilinskas Art Gallery, Nepriklausomybes a. 12
  Kaunas Biennial is a platform for interrelations between visual arts and performing arts, as well as between art, science and industry   Main sponsors: Culture Ministry of Lithuanian Republic, Kaunas City Municipality, EU program Culture 2007-2013
  visitors admiring embroideries
of Nina Bondeson, Sweden
  "Rewind Personal Story" Beili Liu /CN/USA   at the opening, visitors and work of Gao Yuan /RC
  National Museum of M.K. Ciurlionis,
Conference Hall, V. Putvinskio g. 55, LT-44248 Kaunas:
Session: Rewind into the Future:

  - How to empower textile culture for the future,
- why is it important and
- what is left to be done for the upcoming generation
  Exhibition opening: Reiko Sudo, Japan        
  Conference dinner at Restaurant Berneliz Uzeiga
K. Donelaicio g. 11, LT-44311 Kaunas

Textiles Education and Research in Europe

After an internationat meeting of people involved in Textiles Education, held in Kehl, Germany, 1990, the main delegates from the European countries present met in Göteborg Sweden in 1991 to discuss the formation of a new European Association of Textile Teachers. At this conference we defined the national and international differences and similarities among various sectors of textiles education. During the 1992 conference in Helsinki we decided to adopt the name TEXERE, Since then we have met at a Conference ar Annual General Meeting each year in countries all over Europe but in more recent years every other year.

In 2007 during the ETN conference in London we became a Textiles Education Working Group within ETN and also took part in the ETN conference in Haslach, Austria. As a result we have become a worldwide organization.

During the conferences we not only had presentations and exhibitions about textiles education and research but we have also visited educational establishments at every level, from primary schools to universities. Visits have also been made to textiles museums and factories to experience the historical development of the textiles industry around Europe as well the latest developments in textiles production. The networking between delegates during these meetings has resulted in exchanges of teachers and students at every level, through European funded schemes such as Comenius, Lingua, Erasmus and Leonardo. Other teacher and student exchanges and vislts have been organized privately through individual establishments and many international long lasting friendships have resulted.

  Melanie Maier
I decided to create a doll which looks a bit scary and beautiful at the same time because I love beautiful and scary things, for example big spiders. I took a flower because I love nature and the smell of flowers and spring. The snake is a very interesting reptile and they are so beautiful and elegant. I choose this animal because I have it as a pet and I really like him. I love glitter and this has the colour of the sea. I have been there very often and I love to dive and look what's unterneath me. I like the birds and I watch them flying above me very often. I always wanted to have wings so I can go everywhere I want.

Stephanie Kouba
I chose this form of my doll, because when I was two years old, my parents got divorced. I hat to go to my father every second weekend and I did not know, where I am happier. It felt like stretching my arms in both sides and now it looks like my doll. Today it is still like this but I am able to choose where I want to go. I chose the jeans material becausse I like wearing Jeans and this material was from an old pair of my Jeans. I did these embroideries because I am a little bit crazy and my doll should be like this too.
  Manuela Kremser
My doll shows a past passion of mine. I was a ballet-dancer for more than six years. I like dancing a lot and miss the ballet. When I was seven years old I began to dance. I learned a lot and I had a lot of fun. My teacher was very nice but she taught us a lot of dicipline. When I was thirteen I stopped dancing as I had to focus on school. My doll looks like a tipical ballet dancer. She wears tipical clothes and the doll helps me to remember my past time as a ballet-dancer.

Sabrina Weltmann
The theme of my puppet is the 'mountaineer'.
I chose this topic because I was often hiking with my mother and grandmother in the mountains, when I was a child. I still do this with my mother every year in the summer holidays. Until I was 12 years old, my grandmother sewed "Dirndln" for me. I liked these and I want my puppet to wear one too. Furthermore she is getting two blond braids because my natural hair colour is blond and I often had braids when I was younger. My puppet doesn't wear shoes because I never wanted to wear them in my childhood.
  Mona Osman
My doll has an important meaning to me. She reminds me of my childhood because I used a special fabric. I used my favorite blanket when I was a child. It was not possibel for me to fell asleep without my blanket. I called it "Chouchou" and I wanted to have Chuchu all the time with me.
All around I fixed buttons on the doll. I connect these buttons also with my childhood because I always played with them. I also really liked it to dig into the buttons and I loved the sound of it.

Sarah Kreiss
My doll is striped in different colourful fabrics. The main colour is pink. When I was young my mum made a teddy bear for me from these fabrics. I slept every day with this teddy and without this I couldn't sleep.
The heart I made on the doll I associate with my boyfriend. I don't want to make the face of the doll so excited because I want to activate the imagination of the people.

Raphaela Ebner
It was hard to choose the right topic for my doll because I had a normal childhood and I have to say, that I don't remember everything of my childhood. I was often in our big garden, Played with my dog and had a lot of fun. Hopefully other people see the topic at my doll, because I thought a lot about it.

  National Heritage Day:
Rumsiskes Open Air Museum
  Today, Rumšiškes is best known for its excellent open-air ethnographic museum (established in 1966 and opened in 1974), one of the largest in Europe.

The open-air museum in Rumšiškes displays the heritage of Lithuanian rural life in a vast collection of authentic resurrected buildings where the Lithuanian people lived and worked. The total area of 175 ha contains 140 buildings from the 18th–19th century with the restored original interiors and surroundings.
  The territory of the museum is a very popular place where ethnographic festivals are celebrated and folk song and dance concerts are held. This museum is very easy to reach since it is located 18 km to the east of Kaunas near the Kaunas-Vilnius highway.



Impressions of the City Centre of Kaunas        


  Departure from Kaunas by train to Vilnius        

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