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5th intl. Textile Art Symposium in Tblisi, Georgia,
24th - 27th September 2005,

organised by the Georgian Textile Group,
venue Tblisi Silk Museum, Tsabadze Street 6

  Pre-symposium programme

23rd September: Guided tour to the Old Town of Tblisi with its ancient churches, sulphur baths, caravanserais etc.

24th September: Guided tour to the David Gareja Monastery, with wonderful mural paintings, founded in the 6th century and located in a semi-desert.

Symposium programme draft (in detail see

25th September: Registration at the GTG Textile Art Centre, Amaghleba Street 23, Tel: +995-32/999403 -

Optional: Guided tours to the textile collections of the Georgian State Fine Art Museum, the State Museum of Georgia, the State Museum of Folk and Applied Arts of Georgia and the State Museum of the Georgians Folk Architecture and Life.

26th September: (beginning at 10 h):
Visit of the collection and library of the Silk Museum; slide shows & talks of the local and invited artists; at 19 h opening of the Intl. Textile Art Exhibition "Black & White" at the Museum of Tblisi History and Ethnography.


27th September (10 - 16 h):
Presentation of textile crafts revival projects, of textile craft marketing and textile preservation concepts and practice; at 19 h opening of the felt exhibition, with works selected from members of the Intl. Feltmakers Association at the TMS Gallery; at 20 h symposium dinner.

Post-symposium programme:

27th September (beginning at 16 h):
Guided tour to Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia, a textile craft workshop visit included.

18th Sept. to 10th Oct.:
Various workshops and demonstrations of feltmaking, shibori, handmade paper and quilts at the GTG Textile Art Centre.

29th Sept. to 3rd Oct.:
Felt workshops with local artisans and invited artists in Alvani, Kackheti region; sightseeing tours, accommodation and meals included.

For more information: Ms Nino Kipshidze, Georgian Textile Group (GTG), Rustaveli 54, GEO-380005 Tblisi; Tel: +995-32/999984; fax: /230147; email:


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