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The 11th International Conference
on Oriental Carpets (ICOC)

Swissotel, Istanbul

19 until 22 April 2007
deadlines: for papers until August 2006
for inscriptions until 1 September 2006

Call for Papers:
The Academic Committee invites proposals for the 11th International Conference on Oriental Carpets. The deadline is September 1, 2006.

Proposals must include:
1. Title;
2. Session type you are applying for (General, Special, Poster);
3. Abstract (detailed) of maximum 800 words;
4. Your name, postal address, e-mail, telephone and fax number.
To enhance the quality of simultaneous translation, we will need typed manuscripts of accepted papers by February 1, 2007

Proposed papers must be original and previously unpublished works. Abstracts should identify new information, arguments and supportive evidence. Proposals must contain a clear description of the visual materials that will be used in the presentation -- and for publication. PowerPoint presentations are preferred to 35mm slide projection. Local Committee Organisers will convert presentations from just about any form to the PowerPoint format if they receive the input by February 1, 2007.

1. General Sessions: All traditional areas of carpet studies will be considered, including early and later nomad, village and workshop pile carpets and flat-weaves gathered by geographical origin (North Africa, Anatolia, Central Asia, Persia, Caucasus, India, Tibet and the Far East, etc.). Applicants are also invited to submit papers on structure and technique, carpet designs and their origin, relationships between textiles and carpets, dating, documentary evidence, scientific tests, conservation and restoration, fakes and copies, collections and collectors, oriental carpets in interiors. Maximum presentation is 25 minutes.

2. Special Sessions: These are intended to improve the scientific quality of this conference. A Session Leader will be responsible for organising other Presenters and coordinating each special session. Current suggestions include: Carpets from the Amu Darya region in Central Asia; Carpets and Textiles in Archaeology; Carpets from Eastern Anatolia; and Seljuk Carpets. Special Sessions will have a maximum of 4 papers each. The Session Leader and other Presenters in the session will decide how long each paper will be. Maximum presentation time for each session will be a total of 90 minutes.

3. Poster Sessions will be displayed at the Swissotel. Each presentation should consist of a maximum of two panels approximately 1 meter (39”) in width and 1.5 meters (58”) in height. Poster presenters must be present at their boards for discussion during specified times. The Academic Committee will also consider proposals for computer or video presentations (CD-ROM and DVD).

Publication of Conference Papers

Acceptance to present a paper at the 11th ICOC carries with it the obligation of the author to submit a written manuscript with publishable visual materials for exclusive publication in Oriental Carpet and Textile Studies (OCTS). Authors who comply with all ICOC requirements for conference presentations and for OCTS will not be required to pay the basic conference registration fee. Shared ac-commodations will be provided. Some travel expenses may be available.

Submission of Proposals

The 11th ICOC official languages are English, German and Turkish, but all proposals and abstracts must be submitted in English. Proposals for an entire Special Session must include the names and titles of all abstracts submitted, individual authors’ names and contact information. Please e-mail all queries and proposals to:

Alberto Boralevi, Academic Chair
Via S. Spirito 11
50125 Florence, Italy
Tel/Fax +

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