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Carpets and flat fabrics of "Baluch"

31 January to 2 February 2003
Museum of Canton Baselland, CH-4410 Liestal (Switzerland)

inscription until 31 december ------ ---------fees are sFr. 290 per person
inscription from 1st january onwards ------fees are sFr. 330 per person

inscription form, and hotel accomodation:
Freunde des Orientteppichs, Sieglingweg 10, CH - 4125 Riehen

  Lectures in English and German:

Jörg Affentranger
Flachgewebe der "Belutschen"

Michael Craycraft
Weavings of the Hazara (English)

DeWitt Mallary
Design influences common to Khorasan carpets and "Baluch" rugs
and/or some proposed groupings for "Baluch" main carpets

Robert Pittenger
Reports on the tribes (English)
highlights of all the reports on the Baluch and their neighbours, from 1820 to 1999

Jürg Rageth
Datierungen von "Belutsch" Teppichen mit der C14 Methode (Deutsch)

PD Dr. Lutz Rzehak, Humboldt-Universität Berlin
Zu Geschichte und Kultur der Belutschen und ihrer Nachbarn in West-Afghanistan und
Historische Fotos der Mittelasienexpedition zu Belutschen, Dschamschedi und Hasara von 1928/1929 (beide Deutsch)

Dr. Elena Tsareva, The Ethnographic Museum St. Petersburg
The Timuri of Khorasan (English)


  P r o g r a m

Friday 31 January 2003

  from 12.00 am in your hotelroom you will receive the documents of the symposium,
in case you didn't book a hotelroom, you will receive the documents on saturday morning in the museum.
  6.00 pm opening of the exhibition
carpets and flat fabrics of "Baluch"
  around 8 pm inofficial meeting in a nearby restaurant
  Saturday, 1 February 2003
  8.30 am Kantonsmuseum Baselland in Liestal opens its doors
documents of symposium
  9.30 am begin of lectures
  12.00 am lunch in a nearby restaurant
  2 pm lectures until around 5 pm
  7 pm apéro in the small exhibition "precious textiles of the "Baluch"
in Hotel/Restaurant Bad Bubendorf (for participants of supper only)
  8 pm supper and afterwards "show and tell"
  Sunday, 2 February 2003
  10.00 am continuation of the program
  13.00 am end of symposium

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