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8th International Young Fashion Designers Contest

Admiralteiskaya Igla (Admiralty Needle)

Day-by-day Programme (May, 25th – 31st )

Vanues: "Mb" - SUTD Main building: 18, Bolshaya Morskaya str
"REM" - Russian Ethnography Museum: 4/1, Inzhenernaya str.

Sat., 25th - Sun., 26th
09.00 – 18.00 – Registration, accommodation of participants and guests of the Contest.

Mon., 27th (vanue: Mb)
09.00 – 18.00 - Registration, accommodation of participants and guests of the Contest.
17.00 – 20.00 - Casting.
20.00 - 23.00 – Sightseeing tour: St Petersburg by bus.
Special offer: - "Night at the city: Rivers and channels of St Petersburg by boat" .
Cafe: (till 06.00).

Tue., 28th (vanue: Mb)
09.00 – Contestants of Nomination #1 (Themes 1 and 2) meeting.
10.00 – Opening Event of the Contest.
10.30 – 13.30 - Contest: Nomination # 1, Theme 1.
11.00 - Opening of the 5th International Conference Fashion Design: Historical Impact—New Technologies
15.00 - 19.00 - Contest: Nomination # 1, Theme 2.
16.00 – participants of the Conference visiting the museum of Mukhina State Academy of Industrial Arts.
19.00 – Special offer: visiting the atelier of fashion-designer Ms. Lilia Kiselenko.

Wedn., 29th (vanue: Mb)
09.00 - Contestants of Nominations # 2 and # 3 meeting.
10.00 – 13.30 - Contest: Nomination # 2.
11.00 - for participants of the Conference: - visiting special funds of the Hermitage.
15.00 – 18.30 - Contest: Nomination # 3.
15.00 – 19.00 – Conference sessions continued
19.30 – The Jury announces the names of finalists.

Thur., 30th (vanues: REM, Mb)
10.00 – Excursion to Russian Ethnography Museum (REM).
12.00 – Work of International Jury (Mb).
13.00 – Conference round table (Mb).
15.00 – Master-class (Mb).
18.30 – Results of competitions: Sketches to fashion-collections and Fashion photographs announced (Mb)

Fri., 31st (vanue: REM)
09.00 – Excursion to suburbs of St Petersburg.
17.00 – Press-conference.
18.00 – Final Event of the Contest (REM).
23.00 – Closing reception for participants, presentation of finalists’ fashion collections.


Lunch for participants and guests will be served Monday – Friday, 13.30 – 15.00. Lunch tickets are available at Registration desk of the Contest.

8th International Young Fashion Designers Contest

Admiralteiskaya Igla (Admiralty Needle)

In 2002, St Petersburg State University of Technology and Design will hold the 8th International Young Fashion Designers Contest Admiralty Needle.

It has already been seven years since we first organised our international contest, and we believe that the seven-year-old history can be certainly considered as a well measured pattern, as a proved success, and as an important occasion for exploring new approaches and methods, for starting new trends.

Admiralty Needle in 2002 means:

The Contest Admiralty Needle and all parallel art, science, and cultural events have been arranged for the last week of May, 2002, in St Petersburg State University of Design and Technology. The Contest final event will take place on Friday, 31st May, 2002, in the Marble Hall, the Russian Museum of Ethnography.

Eligible participants

All creative people may participate in the Contest provided they are aged 16 years old by 1 May, 2002. There is no upper age limit. Preference will be given to students or graduates from higher schools/ universities specializing in fashion design, design, or costume art.

In 2002 participants of the Contest Admiralty Needle present their collections in the following nominations:

Nomination Project Theme One: World in White

Theme Two: Black & White

Nomination Prêt-à-porter Theme: L’ air du temps

Nomination Avant-garde Theme: Homo futuris

For further information please contact Contest Organising Committee:

Phone: +7 812 315 1274 , Fax: +7 812 315 1210 , E:

or: Contest Executive Office:

Phone/ Fax: +7 812 118 6325, E: (Producing Centre SOLAR)

Please visit for detailed and up-to-the-minute information on the Contest Admiralty Needle and other parallel events.



Technical requirements

  • Each applicant may present one or more than one collection in any of the nominations of the Contest. In last case the registration fee must be paid for each collection.
  • Each collection must include from 5 to 7 articles.
  • The articles sizes must follow the international standards.
  • As a rule the models for presentation are provided by the Contest Organising Office, free for applicants. But applicants may invite and employ their own models provided that the applicant bears all related expenses.
  • Music sources should be presented on mini-disks or on CDs.

Application pack

  • Registration form (please, see attached)
  • Two current passport size (3x4 cm) photographs (for your registration form and for your personal badge)
  • Personal cultural programme (i.e. if you wish to visit any other exhibitions than those that are included in the pack)
  • If necessary, application form for other services (accommodation, catering, etc.)

Registration fee and method of payment

The registration fee is $ 100 (USD). All registration fees are payable in full in roubles, according to the Russian Central Bank official rate, with application for registration before 30 April, 2002.

The registration fee covers:

  • Admission to all events of the Contest ( programme for participants – please see your personal registration pack)
  • Poster
  • Leaflet
  • Badge (being your pass to the Contest and all the parallel events)
  • Admission to the conference and master-classes
  • Video cassette on the Contest background
  • T-shirt with the Contest logo
  • Excursions (list excursions – please see your personal registration pack)
  • Cloak-room for your collection(s)

Other expenses:

  • Accommodation

    Hostel (up to 200 roubles per night)

Please contact the Contest Organising Office before 30th April, 2002, if you wish to reserve a hotel room

Catering: Lunch only (Monday – Friday)



8th International Young Fashion Designers Contest

Admiralty Needle


( Attachment to the Information Letter )

Our motto is a Palette of Illusions

1.Nomination Project

This is the first time that we have included this nomination. Its themes are familiar to those participants who are (or recently have been) studying fashion design. The overall goal of the nomination is to give our participants an opportunity to show their individuality at the stage of learning.

Theme One: World in White

You are supposed to be able to see things in a sculptural way. The world of your fantasy has no limits; this is only the colour of the material used that has limits: paper, fabric etc. must be white. Shapes, movements, objects living in the space, and changing their frames while turning around themselves, with any new look angle, while there is even the slightest wind…

Both prêt-à-porter and avant-garde collections are eligible for this theme

Theme Two: Black & White

The aim is to see things in a well proportioned way, to have a sense of rhythm. Mix black or white only, but in any quantities, in any textures. The creative problem is to match black and white in as many ways as you can, to look for their balance. This is fascinating, inspiring, and eccentric; this allows you to give exact accents, to seek for harmony, to express your individuality.

Both prêt-à-porter and avant-garde collections are eligible for this theme

2. Nomination Prêt-à-porter

Theme: L’ air du temps

You are asked to present your prêt-à-porter collection. Your task as a fashion designer is to prove your ability of catching the latest fashion trends, l’air du temps. You have a great opportunity to show and to express potential for creativity as a young artist, who is able to be indeed ahead of his/ her time, to create a chain of bright images-models that may be the hallmarks of fashion as designed by you.

3. Nomination Avant-garde

Theme: Homo futuris

Collections presented for this nomination are intended exclusively for a stage or catwalk performance. The article-notion as a philosophical standpoint expressed with a piece of clothing. This is an approach to creation of an artistic image, to take a look into the future through the magic prism of the past and present.

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